Gem Elevator

Gem ElevatorGem Elevator has been delivering quality products and quality service for over 24 years. The Merlau family has owned and operated Gem Elevator since 1985. Prior to the purchase of the business by the Merlau's, the operation had been in existence since 1906. Today Mike Merlau and his cousin, Lisa Morgan, successfully continue to run the business that began over 100 years ago.

Grain BinFeed production is the main business of Gem Elevator, specializing in custom grinding, mixing and delivery. Mike and Lisa use different grains such as corn and oats and other ingredients to make custom rations for their customers. Six to eight tons of grain is produced daily at Gem Elevator with the main grains being oats, wheat, barley and corn. Gem Elevator's specialty is custom mixed feed, however they also carry pre-mixed feed as well as a full line of complete feeds for your horses, pets, cattle, hog, goat, sheep, swine, show and specialty feeds.

StoreThe Gem Elevator retail store located in front of the grain elevator offers a variety of garden and grass seed, gardening supplies, fertilizer, deer food plot seed, pond supplies, bird seed, water softener salt and pet supplies.

Grain Grading

During your tour of Gem Elevator, you will experience first hand what happens to grain after it leaves the fields at harvest. Visitors will see the grain elevator in action, from receiving grain to mixing grain for animal feed.

Custom MixWhile touring Gem Elevator, make sure to take time to stop by the store and browse through the merchandise as well as see a demonstration of grain grading.

Kids will enjoy a petting zoo, games area, and pumpkin patch.

During your visit to Gem Elevator, make sure to stop by all of the exhibits on hand including an ethanol bio fuels display, an antique tractor display, farmers market vendors, and several others.